"Not to be seen" augmented reality AR filter for Instagram is now available for iOS and Android. Scroll down to install.

Back in 2013 German filmmaker idol Hito Steyerl gave a series of practical advice entitled "How not to be seen", including a lesson in DIY facial camouflage "How to become invisible by becoming a picture". Unfortunately (mostly due to advanced makeup skill requirements) it never turned mainstream.

Following Hito's instructions and making them accessible for everyone today, facial camouflage has finally been transformed into a free AR-filter for your everyday-use and protection.

"Not to be seen" AR-filter has been created during worldwide corona lockdowns in early spring/summer 2020. No matter if you are breaking quarantine or just want to look good on your screen while staying at home – "being invisible by becoming a picture" can be your weapon of choice! And it's free to download and use on your phone!

Click below to activate for iOS or Android.

Click to activate AR-filter

NT2BSN AR-filter is powered by Instagram Spark-AR engine V and requires Instagram to be installed on your mobile phone device.