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Flachware.de - virtual exhibition platform and prototype for an early artist-based social network site
(2006 - ongoing)

I created Flachware.de in late 2006 as an open virtual exhibition space, where a digital photograph or a Youtube clip (or just a link) can be placed equally beneath a painting, installation and all other kind of works.

The name "Flachware" (in German language originally a negatively connotated word for physical and intellectual "flat" art) is a slight reference to the technological terms "hard-" and "software", as well as to the "flat" surface of the screen, which is supposed to work as an universal platform for all kind of media, content and communication.

Although the project never left its early invitation-based experimantal stage, limited to the students and alumni of the Munich academy of arts, today the site is hosting more than 500 portfolio pages with about 20.000 uploaded images and video files while getting more every day.

[visit website: flachware.de]


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